Bokkai Temple Bok Kai Temple
“It is feared the temple, described as a one–of–a–kind example of Chinese sacred architecture, will not survive another rainy season.”
 — Reuters, June 25, 2001
  • Friends of the Marysville Bok Kai Temple, Inc. will sponsor the 2nd annual Moon Festival, to celebrate harvest and as a fund-raiser to help restore the Bok Kai Temple, on September 19, 2009, from 3-7 P.M. This includes historic tours, gourmet Chinese Dinner, silent auction and entertainment. Contact for more information or call 530-713-2378.


  • Summer 2004- work on the portico of the temple was completed, which replaced the deteriorated wooden supports and posts and permanently protected the priceless murals. The contractor, Hudspeth Corp., worked closely with an art conservator, Molly Lambert, from Berkeley. Fund raisers by Rotary Club, Chinese of San Francisco, local Chinese Community, Friends of the Marysville Bok Kai Temple (FMBKT), plus many individual donations provided the money for this work. FMBKT helped locate and receive bids on the restoration of the portico and to co-ordinate the work. David Chan, President of the Chinese Community was tireless in assisting with the work schedule and informing the Chinese Community of all activities.


  • A historically correct wood shingle roof replaced the tile roof , relieving the massive weight that had caused structural damage. This portion of the restoration almost depleted funds on hand, and serious fundraising began again.

Molly Lambert
restoredz portico 2004


  • FMBKT applied for a grant under proposition 40, tentatively awarded over $400,000, but after lengthy negotiations with California Cultural and Historical Endowment (CCHE) had to regretfully withdraw because of added requirements that FMBKT could not comply with. The Chinese Community received their 501-C-3 non-profit status the next year , and was renamed the Marysville Sahm Fow (third city) Chinese Community. They applied for the 2nd round of grants, unsuccessfully. In 2006, the Sahm Fow Chinese Community applied for the 3rd and final round of grants. In 2007, They were awarded $300,000 +. FMBKT had raised enough for the matching funds required for the grant, contributing $85,000. Using the Historic Structure Report (HSR) as a guide and assisted by restoration experts, work is slated to begin in the Spring of 2008.




  • On going projects are selling the old clay temple tiles engraved with the Bok Kai Temple emblem, and having a presence in local fairs. Check out the Bok Kai Festival website. FMBKT will have a booth at the festival.

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original artwork by Naiying Wang Davis
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